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Studio Visit: Charlotte Trounce

We talked to British illustrator and artist Charlotte Trounce to find out about her creative process, most memorable meal and perfect Sundays.
Charlotte Trounce is a freelance Illustrator living in Edinburgh. Since graduating from University Collage Falmouth in 2011, she has worked for The New York Times, Barbican, Art Fund and Penguin Books and has fulfilled a wide range of commissions including editorial, advertising, publishing and product design. Working mostly in paint, Charlotte tries to bring life and colour to the every day, often inspired by simple objects, and the people and architecture that surround her.
What food reminds you of your childhood?

The scotch eggs my grandad used to make for packed lunches when I visited my grandparents on the Isle of Wight during summer holidays.. 

What's your preferred paint to work with?

I started using acrylic paint in my final year studying Illustration, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I really started to explore its potential; using it thick and straight from the tube, applying it with a dry brush for texture or adding plenty of water to create beautiful washes and fluid strokes. I love that I can create such a huge variety of marks with just one medium.

What items on your desk can you not work without?

My large range of brushes in different shapes and sizes. I like to have new ones for creating smooth and more accurate lines, as well as lots of older ones with broken bristles for more textural strokes. I also couldn’t work without my very cheap but effective light box. Before this purchase I spent a lot of time standing at windows tracing drawings.

What was the process and creation of your drawings for Monoware? 

I love the simplicity of Monoware and was excited to add some flavour (literally) and life through the illustrations — introducing vibrant vibrant dishes and hungry diners. We started the process by looking at Andy Warhol’s illustrations, and aimed to capture a similar elegance through simple line work and coloured painterly washes.

What’s your style of entertaining?

I’ve always been drawn to simple dishes served in an unfussy setting. Most of my favourite food memories come from travelling, so I’m often trying to recreate these experiences for friends and family —lovingly prepared fresh produce, alongside mismatched ceramics and napkins brought back from those inspiring destinations. Add in a candle or two for a special occasion (and plenty to drink).

Do you have any favourite places in Edinburgh?

I’m a relative newcomer to the city, but one of my favourites so far though is Elliott’s - a beautiful cafe at number 27 Sciennes Road, with an even more beautiful shop a few doors down selling homewares and a wonderful selection of groceries and fresh produce.

Do you have a cookbook which can’t live without?

I have a lot of cookbooks that I like to flick through now and again - current favourites are by Alison Roman and Anna Jones - but usually I get a craving for something and will scour the internet for the right recipe. Bon Appetit and The New York Times usually have what I’m looking for.

What does a perfect Sunday look like in your family? 

We recently became a family of three, and life with a newborn often means that our Sundays are very similar to every other day of the week. When things settle I hope our Sundays will be filled with sunny walks, long lunches and afternoons with friends in the pub.

And to finish…

What is your favourite piece in the Monoware collection? 
I love my Monoware pitcher. I often find myself carrying it from room to room as a reminder to drink more water.

What is your favourite meal/recipe to cook? 
Heading into spring/summer, I love to make big, hearty salads using up whatever’s in the fridge, roasting baby potatoes and adding lots of fresh vegetables, cheese and occasionally some fish or meat. 

What’s your most memorable meal?
A bowl of clams with chilli and garlic, with an ice cold beer, at a roadside restaurant in Vietnam.

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