Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping & Orders

Where do you ship from?

Our orders are picked and packed by hand and shipped from our warehouse in the UK. To determine shipping costs for your order, proceed to checkout from your cart. For more information, please see Delivery & Returns.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. If you can't complete your order at the checkout page because your country is not listed, get in touch and we can provide a bespoke shipping quote. 

Prices displayed on our website include UK VAT at 20%, which is deducted at checkout for EU and international orders. Shipping is calculated during checkout as well.

EU orders will be subject to VAT at your country's standard rate with no duty payable. Other countries may incur local tax and customs duty. Fees will be collected from you by the courier prior to delivery.

Is cutlery shipping available to the EU?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process sales and deliver cutlery to destinations within the European Union.

How quickly can you ship my order?

We dispatch orders during business hours (9am-6pm Monday to Friday, except holidays). Order by 12pm (UK time) for dispatch on the same day.

As soon as your package is on its way, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.

Can I change / cancel my order?

Yes. Orders are dispatched quickly, but we’ll endeavour to honour changes and cancellations. Please write to us as soon as possible at

Will I get an order confirmation?

Yes. Once your order is placed online, you will immediately receive a confirmation by email, as long as you have given us a valid email address.

How can I return / exchange my order?

You are welcome to return or exchange items bought from within 14 days of arrival. We offer free returns on UK orders. We're happy to extend the same returns policy to our international customers, although you'll need to cover the cost of return postage. For more information, please see Delivery & Returns.

What if an item arrives broken?

Email us at within 5 days of receiving the package with your order number and a photo of the damaged item and we will take care of a replacement.

Quality & Care

Is your pottery food safe?

Yes, our manufacturer carries out thorough tests to ensure the clay and glazes are food safe and cadmium and lead-free.

Can I put it in the microwave or oven?

Yes, all our stoneware products are safe to use in the oven and microwave, to a temperature of 250 ºC. Steer clear of placing pieces straight from the oven on to a cold surface, as a measure against shock resistance.

How about the freezer?

Yes, absolutely. Our ceramics have high thermal shock resistance, and will withstand temperature variations as low as -20 ºC.

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, our products can be washed daily in the dishwasher. To ensure our dishes last longer it is advisable to space them so they don’t rub or bump against each other during the cycle. We recommend you wash the larger and more delicate pieces by hand, as a precaution.

Can I use it on the stove?

No. Monoware dinnerware is not suitable for stovetop cooking or for use with an open flame.

Is there a way to remove surface scratches?

With frequent use, the glaze can become marked by cutlery. These marks are traces of metal from the cutlery and remain on the surface of the ceramic. They can be removed with a scouring powder such as Bar Keepers Friend applied with a soft cloth and warm water.

How do I remove food stains?

Staining can occur if acidic foods are stored too long in our stoneware. Avoid leaving foods containing strong pigments such as beetroot or turmeric for too long in our dishes, and rinse quickly after use. Any stains that do appear can be removed with a scouring powder, a soft cloth and warm water.

If I need to replace a dish, will it match the others?

Most likely it will, but note that small variations are a natural outcome with our clays and making processes. There may be small inconsistencies in the colour, texture or finish of pieces, but we see this as something to embrace - it is the mark of our hands-on making methods.

About Us

Where are your ceramics made?

Our stoneware collection is made near Porto in Portugal. The family-run factory uses age-old modelling methods combined with modern technology to produce refined stoneware products that last a lifetime.

How are they produced?

We use clay that is sourced locally, then shape, press and finish the products before dipping them in glaze. A single firing-process in which the pieces are heated up to 1180 ºC keeps the production emissions low. The high firing temperature is also what makes our stoneware exceptionally durable.

Can I stack your ceramics?

Yes. Plates and bowls nest together comfortably, minimising the space they take up when not in use. Hidden away or on display, our dishes look beautiful and ordered when stacked.

Why stoneware?

Stoneware is heat-resistant, non-porous and chip-resistant. It is famously strong and durable and so can live with you for a long time.

Do you make custom orders?

It’s nice to be asked. We are always open for new collaborations. While we can produce our tableware in limited edition colours for the hospitality industry, we don’t have the capacity at the moment to create new shapes.

Retail & Hospitality

Can I sell Monoware in my store?

Let's talk, please send us an email to

Can I order your ceramics for my cafe, restaurant or hotel?

Yes, we would love to hear from you. We enjoy talking directly to our customers so drop us an email at to tell us about your upcoming plans.

Press Enquiries

How can I get in touch with your press team?

Please send us an email to

How can I become a brand ambassador?

We don’t have brand ambassadors at this time, but we love your enthusiasm for our work. Please tag @monoware in any photos you share on social media. We'll keep an eye on our social channels and tag you if we re-post.

We like what you do. Can we work on a partnership?

That’s good to hear. Send us an email at We look forward to exploring new collaborations.