We are Monoware.

Everyone should have a set of tableware for keeping. But fleeting trends that compromise on quality and design can make it difficult for us to buy to last. We’ve designed a set of beautiful, everyday tools for tables which are made to endure and to grow with the people that lay them. We call it a table set for life.


Design for life

Design begins with curiosity; how can we improve the objects we use every day? With specialised product designers we've interrogated form, colour and shape to make pieces with optimal function. Whether it's the curve on a coffee cup that moulds comfortably into the palm of the hand or the perfect pour on a water jug, we've created objects for life.


Quality of life

We combine exacting product design with high quality materials and work with family-run workshops across Europe to guarantee consistency in production. Our essentials come in a natural palette to fit any home as it shifts and grows. A commitment to a constant core collection means breakages will always be easy to replace.


For future life

Thoughtful design matters. That’s how we challenge our culture of disposability and passing trends. If our customers don’t need it, we don’t make it. Durable and useful, our products find a place in everyday life. To limit our impact on life around us, our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and responsibly sourced.


Creativity for life

If the table is the heart of the home then our plates, bowls, cups and jugs are the means around which stories are swapped, food is shared, lives play out. By providing people with a table set for life – a collection of beautiful, durable stoneware essentials that can grow with them – we’re offering people the tools to be creative at home, cook dishes and make memories.

The Founder

Daniel Baer

Daniel has spent two decades working in London as a creative director in the publishing and fashion industry. An advocate of informal dining, he incubated the ideas that led to the creation of Monoware while working on projects around the world. Monoware was conceived as a response to his struggle to find well-designed tabletop essentials for everyday eating and entertaining. Pottery classes in the UK and Japan further focused his attention on the joy of timeless tableware and brought him to like-minded makers, leading to the curation of a collection of feasting fundamentals made to last.

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