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Laying The Table

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking for a loved one or making the most of a night in, set the stage with a beautiful laid table.
Laying The Table
Laying The Table
There’s something so soothing about laying the table. Perhaps it’s the symmetry of each place setting, whether it’s plates or bowls or both, knives and forks lying on top of soft strips of linen.

Or maybe it’s the subtle grandeur of the act itself: that it pronounces a sense of occasion, even when you’re dining solo (even more so then, in fact). There may be soft lighting, soundtracks, side plates or even scrolls of menus. You might lay the table delicately or with a little nonchalance. You could be feeding ten or two or just yourself. Bring a carafe of fridge cold water, use your favourite glasses, or simply arrange a plate of food prepared by someone else.

Spring offers up a clean slate and an opportunity to bring vibrant greens and fresh shades onto the table. Consider what's in season: broad beans, English peas and asparagus, all the perfect and quintessential hues of green. Flowers might make an appearance, freshly cut in small vessels; and for bigger affairs there’s always the option of branches adorning the centre, leaving space for oversized dishes for everyone to reach for and tuck into.

There's surely some science behind the methodical, meditative motion of placing things on the table; a feast for the eyes that complements a feast for the stomach being prepared in the kitchen.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, cooking for a loved one or making the most of a night in, laying the table can feel like a complete mood; a wonderfully simple pleasure that sets the tone for whatever meal you’re having.
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