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The Making Of Our Cutlery

Cutlery are some of the most important tools we use in our homes on a daily basis, but how are they actually made? We've documented the skilful steps which go into creating our timeless collection. 
Cutlery Collection
Cutlery Collection
Designing cutlery is not easy, but shaping them into functional objects requires years of expertise by trained craftsmen. Knives, forks, and spoons are typically made through a process called metal stamping. This involves using a press to cut and shape metal sheets into the desired form. The process starts with a roll of flat metal, in our case high-grade 18/10 stainless steel, which is then fed into the stamping press.
The press uses a die, which is a tool that has been specifically designed to cut and shape the metal into the desired form. The die tool is typically made of hardened steel and is designed to withstand the high forces that are required during the stamping process. Dies can be divided into two main types: the punch die and the die shoe.
The punch, which is a cylindrical part of the die, pushes the metal through and creates our special shape. The die shoe is the part of the die that holds the punch and die button in place and is typically made of a softer metal than the punch and die button. It also helps to guide the metal as it is pushed through the die
Each item in the collection is measured to guarantee a consistent production. After the metal has been stamped, it is then polished and finished to remove any rough edges and to give it a smooth, matt surface.
After the spoon is polished, a skilled worker carefully applies our logo with a stamping press. This process begins by feeding the spoon into press, where the punch (the part of the die that is used to shape the metal) will press into the metal to create the shape of the logo. Stamping the logo on cutlery requires a great level of precision and skill as the logo needs to be aligned always in the same place while stamping.

Once the logo is applied and the item has passed our stringent quality check, each utensil is rolled by hand in delicate tissue paper and assembled into our special, recyclable cutlery boxes - ready to be shipped to our our warehouse. 

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