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The Art Of Gifting

Why gifting brings joy, create positive emotions and strengthen relationships.
The Art Of Gifting
The Art Of Gifting
The pleasure of gifting is unexpectedly twofold. Yes, it’s always wonderful to receive a gift – to feel thought of, noticed and appreciated. Whether it’s been carefully wrapped and finished with a floral flourish, simply placed into a gift bag, or excitedly shoved into your hands because the sender just couldn’t wait to see your reaction. We favour all ways of giving.

We also firmly believe that cooking a meal for a loved one, quite literally taking things off (and then on) their plate, can be as potent a gift as a bottle of champagne or a beautiful candle.

Onto the second pleasure, which actually inhabits the giver themselves. There’s just something great about searching for the perfect gift. Coming up with the idea. Wondering what would elicit small sparks of joy. Seeking it out, doing the research, putting real thought into it. Or perhaps even stumbling upon it and realising it's the perfect fit for a friend, a lover, or someone you've just connected with.

Then comes the packaging: wrapping it up. Spending time sat on the floor with scissors, tape and ribbons. We've long been fans of furoshiki: Japanese wrapping cloths that can be used again or simply held onto as a second gift. Perhaps you're committing feelings to words on a card, too; it doesn’t have to be long or too emotive. Just the act of giving makes the world of difference.

So we say: indulge in the simple pleasure of thinking about how to make someone happy. It doesn’t need to cost the world. Enjoy the giving as much as the gift itself.
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